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My simple job is to help business owners earn more money – more easily.

Financial stress (and couples not having enough time with each other) are the #1 causes of divorce. So, I consider this work as important as anything I did while running non-profit organizations.   scroll below for more…


My expertise is in helping business owners use technology. You probably understand that you could use technology more effectively, but are confused by the thousands of strategies, services, and products.

It’s not your fault.

Most technology companies have an interest in making this stuff complicated or puffing up the benefits.  The truth is that unless the solution they are pitching can do one of the 5 things below it is worthless. And, EVEN IF it does give you one of these benefits – unless you use it as part of a comprehensive plan you won’t get the results you should.

Purposes of Technology

Purpose I. Attract Visitors (Online Advertising)
– Pay-Per-Click Advertising
– SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Purpose II. Generate Leads (Lead Capture Website)
– Business Website – focused on products and services.
– Personal Trust Website – focused on personal interests
– Expert Brand Website – focused on expertise, speaking, media appearances, coaching, etc…

*Key! Establish yourself as an expert by becoming an author.

Purpose III. Educate Prospects (Create Content That Sells)
– Copywriting
– PowerPoint Creation
– Video/Audio Production

Purpose IV.  Produce Clients, Customers & Sales (Sales Process Automation)
– Automate and Refine Sales Process
– Referral Generation

Purpose V.  Cut Costs & Increase Profits
– Systems
– Training
– Technical Support
– Outsourcing

Make sense?

There are no secrets. Just knowledge and some work to do each of these.