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Are You Tired of Struggling to Reach the Next Level in Your Business or Personal Life?

“Sam showed me that the reason I’d lost so much money on business tools, staff, and even planning – was that I wasn’t clear yet on my values, or what I truly wanted to accomplish. He is a master at the psychology of success” – James

Most people are aware that they need to clarify their priorities and start living their values. But, this can be very hard to do and the experts often disagree. Should you change your environment to act differently? Should you change your mindset first because you will attract a different environment? Psychology? The Secret? God’s Word? Modern Psychiatry? Do you need someone to hug you and tell you that you deserve abundance? Do you need someone to call you and tell you to get off your ass and change your life?

Discover the Right Approach for You
This website contains the best of the sages, gurus, preachers and teachers. Our guide helps you uncover which “change framework” might best work for you and what kind of personality type your personal or business coach should be.

One-on-One Vs. Group Coaching
The truth that most people in the helping professions won’t tell you is that the family and friendship and community relationships you have can and must be the ones that truly help change your life. One-to-one coaching, therapy, and psychiatry may simply leave you to face the world for the next 167 hours in the week alone.

I have found that “Group Coaching” with successful peers who turn into friends and partners that can support you throughout your life is more helpful. And often, whether in one-on-one or group sessions we bring the important people in your life into those sessions.

Executive and Exclusive Private Coaching
The last Guru I met charged almost $9,000 per month for “any time phone call coaching” and a few days a year at his house. Sometimes it is important to get a client out of his/her environment for brainstorming. More often, to help someone, it is necessary to “listen to them where they are at.” Counseling someone on how to change their business values and practices in the face of an intransigent staff is difficult if you haven’t met or observed their work environment.

Before Hiring a Coach or Guru – Get Prepared
This website is packed with hundreds of articles of the best advice distilled from the best Gurus. Some people you might have heard about like Jesus and The Buddha…and Martin Luther King Jr. and Ghandi are here. The themes of Phil Donahue, Oprah Winfrey, Brian Tracy and Mark Victor Hansen and Zig Zigler and other leaders of the modern self-help industry are well represented. The Universe is present.

No matter what the thought, we’ve tried to annotate them so you can uncover your values, get clear on your priorities, and be ready for a plan of action…or if needed, hire someone to help.

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