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Discover the 4 Financial Landmines that will Destroy Your Retirement and the #1 Program that Can Build Tax-Free Wealth While Protecting Your Family

Pause. The Financial Services and Insurance industry is chock full of books that push products and salespeople that sell their services whether or not they are the right fit for your family.

I’ve been working with my friend’s local PA company that provides retirement planning and insurance services because I trust him. He’s my family’s CPA and has done our investing as well.

Today is June 7, 2011. I was just about to finally hit my “Family Asset Planning” book which covered setting family and financial goals and creating a long-term wealth building plan to achieve them – when I met the real deal.

Meet Willard R. Brumbaugh. By my counting he’s just over 70 years old and has spent 41 years in the insurance business. I found him via a Yahoo review where he was politely and straightforwardly making sense about investing, retirement and insurance which basically comes down to, “What you don’t know is dangerous” and in regards to strategies you should use….”It depends.”

No hype. No BS. He’s one of the last of his kind I’m afraid…in any industry.

So he and I are talking. He’s developed a 50+ page manuscript that is the best description of insurance and advice that I’ve ever read. I’d like to make sure that it helps as many people as possible. That probably means everything from books, to webTV/Radio show, to webinars, etc…

You see a lot in 41 years in a business. If you’re greedy you get rich. If you’re honest, you get smart. If you meet a guy who knows how to package information, then perhaps you can help more people.

Stay tuned. In the meantime, meet Willard here and here is his website. If you have any interest in Building Wealth and a Secure Retirement while Protecting Your Family…I’ll bet you $100 he can help.

– Sam

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