Create a Plan

“Working with a client who just says, “I don’t have time to plan for detailed planning…just go do it!” even if he has unlimited funding is still a recipe for disaster.”

A great deal of your success will depend on how carefully you plan each element of your business. One wrong choice of an over-time, over-budget contractor, or a copywriter who doesn’t write the right words can cost you thousands of dollars. Probably 60% of the budget/resources for the project should be spent on planning and specification development.

I no longer do any work for anyone who doesn’t develop a detailed plan before starting work.

Even on contracts where I’ve been paid $500 – $1,000 per hour it is not worth the emotional stress or damage to my reputation to have a project start and stop or flip-flop back and forth.

Any consultant or company that doesn’t require the creation of a detailed plan where you both understand what you are going to do and why is setting you up for failure. They are willing to acquire your business whether or not they can guarantee success.

So what does a plan look like?

Hidden on this page for Members Only are the download links for two detailed plans.
#1. A plan for a real estate client that details over 887 steps.
#2. A plan for start-up company with non-technical owners that is a simple but 20 page description of what they were about to get into.

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