Craigs List Posting System

Dominate the Real Estate for Sale Area of Craigs List to Generate More Leads and Sell More Listings

Our Craigs List Posting system helps real estate brokers and agents earn more money, more easily – by advertising properties on Craigs List and attracting qualified buyers. There is no other system available like this in the US. Other people and companies can post a few ads for you, but our system can help you completely dominate the Craigs List real estate for sale area in a way that generates leads.

Before you consider hiring a posting service read about Craigs List challenges and solutions below…

4 Parts to our Craigs List Posting System

#1. Properties

When you get a listing you put it on the MLS which often distributes it to real estate brokers and agents individual websites and portals like

All your competition’s listings are on these sites. Usually these sites direct visitors who see your listing to the agent who has purchased advertising on them ( or to the agent who has the home search on her site.

Advertise your listings on Craig’s List is viewed by many younger buyers and amateur and professional investors as a place to find “deals.” Your competition is not advertising there, or if they are they are doing so in a way that doesn’t generate leads.

#2. Craigs List Posting System

As soon as you have a listing we transfer the property data to our Craigs List Posting system. This is done either through a feed or manually using low-cost contractors in the Philipeans. (What if you don’t have any listings? We know how to solve that problem too.)

Problem A.
Many people try to spam Craigs List with real estate listings, so Craigs List has developed very strong policies and filters designed to prevent one person from posting too many ads per day, or the same property being posted multiple times.

    • A limited number of ads can be posted from each account.
    • Each account must be linked to a local land/Non-VOIP line and is frequently re-verified.
    • Posting from each account must come from a different local IP address to prevent overseas contractors from spamming the system.
    • Their system checks for specific kinds of words, URL structures, and scams images for words in the image.
    • If the ad is flagged by filters or other users, then the ad disappears with no notification being given to the poster. This is called “ghosting.”

Solution A.
Our Craigs List Positing System allows us to post as many properties as we want, as many times as we want per day. Very rarely are our ads ghosted or flagged by other users especially if we are using a large amount of unique properties. If our accounts or IP address are “burned,” we can change them and continue posting. How we do this is our secret.

Problem B.
Many real estate agents post property ads on Craigs List but experience a low Return on Investment for three reasons;

    • First, their ads are pushed down “below the fold” so that visitors do not see them.
    • Second, their ad titles are not “unique” or “catchy” enough to stand out so that buyers ignore them.
    • Third, the way their ads are designed and written results in a quick skimming of the ad by the buyer who then clicks “back” and continues to look at other properties.

Solution B.
We use brute force and lead generation science to solve this set of problems.

    • As discussed, the shear volume of our postings can ensure they take up a certain percentage of the spaces “above the fold” throughout the day.
    • We know what time most posts happen and when the greatest number of buyers visits Craigs List and can post accordingly.
    • Our Ad titles are impossible to ignore.
    • Most importantly our ads are written to generate leads either on Craigs List via phone and/or have the visitor “Click-Thru” the ad to a website where we use forced registration, live chat and other lead capture elements.
    • Our ad design constantly changes to reduce being ignored by people who have already landed on our websites once and not registered.

#3. Lead Capture Websites

Many visitors are browsing on Craigs List looking for a deal. They see an ad, make a quick judgement based on the information provided and then continue to search on Craigs List. Our ads are designed to get them to click to your website where you will have several ways to capture them as a lead.

Most real estate websites are not optimized for lead capture. Problems include:

    • Too prominently displayed broker or agent branding and glamour shots.
    • No critical benefit statement or USP presented immediately to buyer.
    • Too many features and options which distract from lead capture focus.
    • Improperly timed forced registration.
    • Not enough variety of lead capture elements (phone, email, live chat, forms)
    • No extra social lead capture elements.
    • No social proof or “trust” elements.
    • Elements that decrease time-on-site like small font size, bad spacing, and bad color choices.

Our system is designed to appeal immediately to their very specific interests through positive benefit statements and warnings of problems and solutions. The pages they land on are NOT to provide a ton of information but rather to capture their contact information. We give them specific reasons to NOT go back to surfing CraigsList but to instead stay on your website.

#4. Your CRM & Closing Process

When a potential buyer inquires about a property or becomes a lead, an effective follow-up process is the key to a high ROI in any advertising and lead capture system that generated the lead in the first place. Most data on when to follow-up and how to follow-up is unknown or not used by most real estate agents.

Most lead follow-up processes are not effective at lead capture or conversions.

    • Only some CRMs will notify a qualified agent instantly of a request.
    • Automated follow-up like drip emails are poorly written and get very low open, much less click thru rates.
    • Most real estate agents hate to have to make multiple follow-up phone calls.
    • Most really hate to make “cold” or even “warm” calling.
    • When they connect with the lead, they usually use words that immediately send up “red flags” in the mind of the buyer that ensures they hang up as soon as possible.
    • Even if true conversation occurs, the buyer may not tell the agent their true intent.
    • The agent can’t give the buyer any compelling reasons to hire them.
    • If the lead isn’t interested in the property in question, the agent has no “Other-Sell” or “Up-Sell.”

When the data comes into our lead capture website it can be immediately pushed to your CRM. We also often use a special CRM that makes phone calling prospects 3-4x more efficient and much more effective. Agents we work with are trained to use language and a mindset that takes all the pressure off them and the lead so they can have an easy conversation about whether their needs are a good fit, or if we have something else to offer them. These same phone techniques are also used in email campaigns which are much more effective than the type of long “boilerplate” emails used by large companies.

Exclusivity & SAMPLE Pricing

We are only able to work with a limited number of clients in each geographic area. Because our system is not solely designed to advertise listings but rather focuses on generating leads and selling them on all your services – at a certain volume of posting there would be no leads left.

Pricing is based per major metropolitan area and is subject to change given the complexities of posting to Craigs List.

Don’t be fooled. This is NOT an “ad posting system” like many available. This is a “lead generation – market domination system” with a much higher Return on Investment.

These are the options generally available at this time.

Option A. Pay for Advertising (best for brokers with large # of listings)

$997 (if doing a bunch of markets that will be lowered at that time)

Server $150 per month estimate

$40 per month per account or you can supply your own

3 Ads per Dollar*

Custom Programing
$60 per hour. Special feed adjustments, ad design, special copywriting.

*Guarantee policy: Say you want 100 ads per day and 30 get ghosted. You would still pay for 75 i.e. a minimum of 30%.

Option B. Buying Leads

$5 – $10 per lead average (Price depends on area. A high % will be quality leads.)

Option C. Transactions
15% referral fee to licensed real estate broker.
Sometimes we partner with real estate brokers and agents and get paid a referral fee on each transaction.