Coaching is About New Perspectives and Insights – and Now, Accountability for Taking Action and Achieving Results

High quality traditional coaching helps you discover solutions to problems by challenging your assumptions, your point of view – digging deep to discover what is holding you back. Often this process involves the coach simply saying, “tell me more” until you have an “ah ha!” moment yourself or the coach chrystalizes what you know to be true but could not identify before.

Great coaching also helps you develop and action plan AND helps you be accountable for implementing that action plan.

Coaching vs. Consulting

Today the lines between coaching and consulting are blurring. The explosion of the self-help industry created a huge increase in the number of “life coaches” similar to the number of “business consultants.”

Many coaches now specialize in particular fields like “Entrepreneurship Coaching” or “Sports Industry Coaching” where their process moves from “question” and “clarification” to career or business strategy development and implementation.

Ingersoll Coaching

Ingersoll Coaching is this kind of hybrid most often done in a group setting where entrepreneurs and executives are exposed to many different questions and outside the box thinking from other members. Then, once you are clear on the direction, we help you answer your next question which may be, “So how do I do it and who can help me?”

The answer may be working within the group or one-on-one with me, or working with one of my Consulting, Outsourcing, Publishing,or other companies. Of course, you are always welcome to take what you have learned and hire whoever you want or use your own staff or team.

Here is how we work:

1. Is Our Coaching a Good Fit for You?

Are our personalities a good fit? Is our process a good fit for you? Let’s make sure they are before we go further. Please call (484) 842-0062 to schedule a call. Please note that while this initial consultation is free, if accepted into one of our programs your investment will be between $397 and $3,997 per month.


2. Mastermind Group Coaching

Group Coaching occurs via webinar weekly with a group of less than 10 other entrepreneurs and executives. In these Mastermind groups you will receive new insights and advice from your peers and Sam. Discussions are confidential. Weekly meetings promote accountability. Your investment is $397 per month.


3. Private Virtual Coaching

Private Virtual Coaching occurs via webinar with Sam Ingersoll. While most entrepreneurs and executives opt for a monthly program of $1,997 for 10 hours per month, these sessions can be done more quickly or occur over a longer period of time depending on your specific needs.


4. Executive Success Coaching

Executive Success Coaching is private, in-person coaching that occurs at your business or home within one hour of Sam’s residence near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As in a therapeutic setting or with business consulting, more insight is gained from working in your work or home environment. Success Coaching results are guaranteed so this program involves a long-term commitment to working together. Custom programs can be created to your specific needs starting at $3,997 per month. Call (484) 842-0062 for additional information