Catalyst Theme Design and Support

Custom Design and Custom Support for Your Catalyst Theme Website is a drug and alcohol treatment program for young women. Note the use of Big Background images and transparency.

Using a good theme isn’t enough to build a successful website that helps you earn more money, more easily. You may need help with graphic design, color and spacing tweaking, plugin installation, or just plain-old-wordpress maintenance.

Sam and his team are recognized among the top designers of websites on the Catalyst Theme and are now offering support to a limited number of clients.

Below are the services we provide. They are listed in order of the step-by-step process we go through when building our own sites.

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Click here for non-wordpress website support and programming.

1. General Technical Support & Training

Do you need help with understanding how to get your Catalyst Theme website to do what you want it to do? Don’t know the right question to ask? Our team will explain how Catalyst works step-by-step. Live support calls typically fall in the $75-$150 range.

2. Overall Concept and Design Planning

Have you compared your website with your competitions’ websites and want it to be better? Are you unsure about what graphic design and color changes to make? Did you find a design you like? Sam will personally take a look at your and your competitors’ websites and tell you exactly what you need to do to meet your goals. Order Service here > Website Design Planning.

3. WordPress Hosting

Shared hosting can be fine for some sites and if you don’t mind a little security risk or your site going down for awhile once or twice a month. Read our Shared Hosting Reviews here. We also offer premium wordpress VPS “Cloud” hosting at $45/month. This comes packed with the speed and security features most serious business owners want. Details and Ordering are here > VPS/Cloud Hosting.

4. WordPress and Catalyst/Dynamik Theme Installation or Upgrade

No matter what your host, we can get your WordPress Catalyst Theme website up and running fast. Click here to order installation and upgrades.

5. Total Graphic Design

real estate broker website

Do you wish your website was both professional, beautiful, AND friendly. This is a difficult balance. Many sites are either to slick with stock images that do nothing to help sell products and services, or they are sloppily designed blogs. If you like our site, you’ll love what we can do for yours if allowed to overhaul the design. Click here for Total Catalyst Website Graphic Design Services.

6. Header and Small Graphic Changes

Do you have a nice design and just need some quick changes. We’ll tackle those for you to and if we can do them live via webinar that’s even better because then you can make changes yourself in the future easily.

7. Typography/Color Changes

Looking to change the colors or fonts on your website? We can help you change the colors of heading text, body copy and others.

8. Correcting padding/alignment via CSS

Small padding and alignment via CSS – even inside the easy-to-use Catalyst Theme can drive most people nuts. We can make small changes quickly while you watch and learn. Need something special or find something you like on any other website? We can customize code that too.

9. Plugin Recommendations, Installation, Upgrading, or Customization

There are thousands of plugins. Need some quick advice on what to use or installing and using them? Our team can help and even provide advanced customization work or build special plugins for you.