Can You Hire Sam?

You Can Hire Sam and His Team IF You Follow His Process For Getting Things Done Efficiently

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Systems are important.

Most successful businesses spend 70% of their time doing “important” but “not urgent” activities like systems building.

This concept was popularized by Stephen Covey’s writing in Seven Habits of Highly Effective Leaders and why I named my consulting company q2Results.

I help a lot of businesses and celebrities (most of whom shall not be named) develop these systems so they can earn more money, more easily. Wouldn’t you like to generate more clients and net income in ways that allow you to focus on what you are best at, and love to do – rather than the grunt work?

I’d like to help you do this BUT…

You have to follow my systems. They allow me to help 10x the number of folks I would be able to otherwise. I like to help people and don’t want to have to charge everyone $400 an hour which is my corporate consulting rate.

So, if you see something on this site that might be helpful, look for an “Application Form” that allows you to order what you need and pay automatically. If you need to learn some more about that service, watch the video, listen to the video, or read the descriptive text carefully.

Although I love to teach, coach, and train, I can’t possible have 2 hour or even 30 minute conversations or email exchanges with everyone who contacts me that basically consist of me explaining the same things over and over again.

That’s not a good use of my time and you probably don’t need or want to pay for it.

Once you order and pay, let us get it done.

(If you want full service – which can cost $5,000 – $15,000 retainer per month – then I’ll be happy to personally coach you, work on your systems, and chat about anything you want from kids to astronomy.)

Warm Regards,