Where Can You Get the Help You Need to
Earn More Money, More Easily, and
Build Wealth While Protecting Your Family?


This website helps you understand how to use technology to earn more money, more easily. Members get access to special Webinars, Training Courses, Mastermind Groups, and Discounts on services.

2. Real Estate

After spending five years consulting with real estate and lending companies across the country, Sam is now piloting unique home buying and selling strategies on behalf of consumers in the Philadelphia, PA area.

  • If you are a home buyer or seller and want to buy or sell a home for the best possible price with less stress, click here for real estate services.
  • If you are a real estate agent, and are looking for a more ethical, transparent, and profitable way of doing business, click here to discover some new strategies and a unique team.
  • If you are an Asset Manager looking to dispose of REOs quickly at the price you want, click here for information on selling REOs faster.

3. Financial Services

Are you are struggling to manage your finances, recover from a short sale, and/or improve your credit score? Do you have those under control and are you buying a home, investing, building your asset base, and preparing for retirement?

Would you like to tackle all of these at once with a team that includes a CPA, Certified Financial Planner, Real Estate Advisor, Credit Repair Specialist, Business Developer, Retirement Specialist, Mortgage/Loan Officer, and even a Psychologist and Family Therapist if necessary?

Click here for an innovative, comprehensive approach to building wealth and protecting your family.

4. Business Strategy Consulting

Many businesses need to improve their strategic position in the marketplace and often a business model overhaul before they start throwing internet marketing strategies against the wall.

If your application to this unique program is successful you will receive, “Care, Protection, Guidance – and Results.”

Click here for business strategy and consulting services.

5. Internet Marketing

Sam is one of the top “Internet Marketing General Contractors” in the United States. If you need anything related to internet marketing services or just an unbiased second opinion before you spend money on something, apply for a 15 minute free consultation (limited availability.)

Whether you need $3/hour or $300/hour help, you’ll get the best bang for your buck from Sam’s team which includes more than 50 freelance contractors from the United States and around the globe.

Click here to apply for Internet Marketing Consulting & Services or visit the All Services page on this website.<

6. Publishing

Traditional Publishers haven’t yet fully evolved into the Web2.0 world. If you are a unique, interesting and kind person, we may be able to help you plan, create, package, publish and promote your books and information products.

Click here to discover how to share your knowledge, passion, products and services with the world through publishing.

7. Keynote Speaking

“Usually controversial and funny. Always inspiring. Never boring.” Need a keynote speaker or break-out session trainer on entrepreneurship and internet marketing technology topics? How about someone to inspire your youth or professional association or staff audience?

Philadelphia Keynote SpeakerSam speaks on topics from Internet Technology and Entrepreneurship, and from Family Management to Financial Services.

Click here for keynote speaker booking information.

8. Executive & Entrepreneur Coaching

Are you looking for new insights and perspectives on your business or personal life? Most business coaching is now provided through Member’s programs at However, Sam still offers a limited number of virtual and in-person coaching opportunities.

Click here for full details and to apply for Executive and Entrepreneur Coaching.